Vimla L. Patel
Training of Fellows and Graduate Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

McGill University

Marco Ramoni, Ph.D (1993-1994)

Malathi Sivaramakrishnan, Ph.D. (1991-1994)

David D. Kaufman, Ph.D. (1992-1996)

Margje Van De Wiel, Ph.D. (1996)

Jose Arocha, Ph.D. (1991-96)

Eugene J.F.M. Custers, Ph.D. (1997)

Andre Krushniruk, Ph.D. (1998-2000)

Columbia University

Tate Kubose, Ph.D. (2000-2002)

Mark Graham, Ph.D. (2002-2003)

Alla Kesselman, Ph.D (2001-2004)

Laura Slaughter, Ph.D. (2002-2004)

Columbia University/NewYork Psychiatric Institute

Cathryn Calanter, Ph.D. (2005-2008)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Guido Schauer, Ph.D. (2009-present)

Min Zhang, Ph.D. (2009-present)

Joanna Abraham, Ph.D (2009-present)

Velma Payne, Ph.D. (2010-present)

Research Fellows

Columbia University

Nicole A. Yoskowitz, BS (2007-2009)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Suchita Batwara, MD (2010-present)

Sahiti Myneni, MSE (2009-present)

Thomas G.Kannampaalil, MS (2009-present)

Doctoral Students

McGill University

José Arocha, Ph.D. (1988-1991)
Clinical Case Similarity and Dignostic Reasoning in Medicine

Judith Leprohon, Ph.D. (1987-1991)
Nursing Clinical Decision Making in the Context of Telephone Interactions

Malathi Sivaramakrishnan, Ph.D. (1989-1991)
Reasoning About Causality and Treatment of Childhood Nutritional Deficiencies in Rural Inda - Role of Indigenous Knowledge and Practices

David Kaufman, Ph.D. (1989-1992)
Conceptual Understanding of Complex Biomedical Concepts: Cardiac Output and Its Regulation

Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi, M.D., Ph.D. (1990-1994) Reasoning About Therapeutic and Patient Management Plans in Respiratory Medicine

Reza Tavakoli, Ph.D. (1991-1993)
Knowledge, Attitudes, and the Understanding of Family Planning: The Urban Male Perspective in Iran

Rebecca Lam, Ph.D. (1992-1994)
Acupuncturists' Clinical Problem-Solving Strategies (co-supervision with T. Eisemon). Co-supervised with Thomas Eiseman, Department of Educational Psychology, McGill University

Ligia Salazar, Ph.D. (1993-1996)
The Management of Health Information by the Community in Colombia

Lambert Farand, M.D., Ph.D. (1992-1996)
Epistemic Articulation of Medical Knowledge and Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction Eliana Coelho, Ph.D. (1994-1997)
Réutilisation de méthode de résolution de problème dans les systèmes à base de connaissances. Co-supervised with Guy Lapalme, Dept. of Computer Science, Université de Montréal

André Kushniruk, Ph.D. (1992-1998)
Cognitive Models for Decision Support in Intensive Care

Kayla Cytryn, R.N., PhD (1995-2000)
Decision Making about Myocardial Infarct by Lay People

Leanna Zozula, Ph.D. (1995-2001)
Therapeutic Reasoning as a Function of Aging and Medical Expertise

Columbia University

Jan Horsky, MA, Ph.D. (2001-2005)
Cognitive Complexity of Computer-Assisted Clinical Ordering

Trevor Cohen, MD (2003-2007)
A cognitive blueprint of collaboration in context: Distributed Cognition in the Psychiatric Emergency Department

Arizona State University

Joanne Olsen (2007-2010) (School of Nursing)

Mithra Vankipuram (2008-present)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Zhe (Eric) Li (2009-present)

Vickie Nguyen (2009-present)

Dinesh Gottipati (2010-present)

Masters Students

McGill University

Meeta Goel, M.A. (1982-1984)
Integrative Processes and Acquisition of Clinical Knowledge by Medical Students

Lenny Babins, M.A. (1983-1985)
Group Approaches with the Disoriented Elderly: Reality and Validation Therapies

Vivian Medley-Mark, M.A. (1985-1987)
The Relationship Between Premedical Background and Processing of Medical Information by Novices

Guy-Marie Joseph, M.A. (1985-1987)
The Time Course of Diagnostic Information Processing: Levels of Expertise and Problem Representation

Lynda Percival, M.Ed. (1986-1988)
Traditional and Modern Methods of Contraception Used by Women in Zimbabwe

Aldo Braccio, M.A. (1986-1988)
On-Line Analysis of Novice Problem Solving in Medicine

Stephen Chase, M.A. (1987-1989)
The Effect of Physician-Interaction on Patients' Understanding of Their Illnesses

David Kaufman, M.A. (1987-1989)
Representation and Utilization of Information during the Clinical Interview in Medicine

Dina Josif, M.A. (1990-1992)
Cognitive Assessment of a Certification Examination in Endocrinology.

Michael Leccisi, M.A. (1994-1996)
Decision-Making in the Real World Clinical Environment

Columbia University

Thomas White, MA (1998-2001)

Pallav Sharda, MBBS, MA (2001-2003)
Transition From Paper to Electronic Medical Records: Issues with Transfer of Narrative text

Roman Trakhtenberg, MA (2000-2003)
Computational Modeling of Cognitive Processes in Health

Jackie Hong, DDS, MA (2001-2003)
A Framework to Characterize the Acquisition of Expertise in Orthodontics

Sameer Malhotra, MBBS, MA (2003-2005)
Designing the design phase of critical care devices: a cognitive approach

Archana Laxmisan, MBBS, MA (2003-2005)
Decisions about critical events in device-related scenarios as a function of expertise

Bhanu Bahl, MBBS, MA (2003-2005)
Cognitive Evaluation of User Interface for Phase I Clinical trials

Daniel Karlin, BS, MA (2003-2005)
Socio-cultural and Organizational Aspects of Impatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Quality of Decision Making

Alla Keselman, Ph.D., MA (2004-2005)
Sex, Myths, and Adolescents' Conceptual Understanding of HIV

Forogh Hakimzhada, BA (2004-2006)
Infrastructural Problems and Technological Solutions for Dealing with HIV/AIDS in Under-developed Countries: Afghanistan as a Case Study.

Arizona State University

Deepa Madathil, MS (2007-2009)

Pallavi Shetty,MA (2007-2009)

Sarah Ruth Martin, MS (2007-2009)

William Wilkinson, RN, DrPH, JD (2008-2010)

Alexander Dragotoniu, BS (2008-2010)

Xuan Feng (2007-2009)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Elie Razzouk, BS, (2009-present)

Naveen Kommera, MD (2010-present)

Certificate Students

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Kathryn Carew (2009-2010)

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